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Action Alert: Successful HUD HOME Program under Fire

November 11, 2011 AHCMC 0 Comment


Recently, the HOME Program was unfairly portrayed in the Washington Post and on the Hill.  Some journalists and members in Congress simply do not understand how the real estate market actually works. They do not comprehend the many benefits that HOME continues to provide to low and moderate income families and individuals.

These press stories unfairly portrayed this program without so much as mentioning, let alone highlighting, the multitude of success stories resulting from HOME. The Program has helped provide quality apartment communities for thousands of families across the country, and especially right here in Montgomery County. Many families and individuals of low and moderate incomes would not have been helped but for the HOME Program!

We Need To Make Our Voices Heard

Letters, op-eds, and news opinion columns supporting the successful HOME Program are needed now. Send them to the Washington Post, the Gazette, plus all other news and social media outlets, and to the various Congressional delegations. Momentum must be maintained if we are to protect this very worthwhile program.

Below are HUD websites and a Blog that describes what is being done to improve oversight and administration of this successful program, as well as other vital information.



Visit AHCMC’s own website for a “sample” letter:

As the National Housing Conference’s Ethan Handelman so aptly said in recent testimony,
“HOME allows states and communities to serve the whole spectrum of need, from homeless to ownership to disaster recovery, from urban to rural areas, and all low-income populations, including families with children, the elderly, and persons with special needs.”

For further details: check out the NHC’s ALERT here:
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