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We are writing to you to express our strong support for the HOME Investment Partnerships Program.  Over the past 20 years, HOME has produced more than one million affordable homes, both ownership and rental, in a successful and cost effective manner.  HOME has also provided affordable homes for tens of thousands of families with rental assistance.

This very worthwhile and proven program, HOME, has been responsible for nearly 400,000 rental units, over 440,000 homeownership units, over 200,000 homeowner rehab units, and rental assistance for more than 250,000 households across the United States. In Montgomery County, and throughout the State of Maryland, over 1,200 families and 16, 000 families, respectively, have benefitted from HOME.

Do not permit this sorely needed and effective program fall victim to unfair portrayals and budget slashing. In America, decent, safe and affordable housing should be a “right” and not a privilege. HOME is a successful program that makes this a reality for all Americans.


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