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income and other requirements

To be eligible, applicants must be first-time home buyers who live in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Minimum income requirement is $35,000 per year. Maximum income limits relate to household size.


Household Size Minimum Annual Income Maximum Annual Income*
1 perso $35,000 $53,500
2 person   $61,000
3 person   $69,000
4 person   $76,500
5 person   $82,500

* Maximum income refers to gross annual income earned by all wage earners per household

All 2018 Closing Cost Program Recipients MUST be present at the 2018 AHCMC Summit on Friday, May 11, 2018 in order to receive recognition of their closing cost awards. Recipients will receive a voucher that can be redeemed when they purchase their first home.  The voucher can only be used to cover down payment and closing cost expenses on homes purchased between May 12, 2018 to May 12, 2019. MPDU certificate holders are encouraged to enter the contest. Essays submitted must be original work. Applicants who submit essays with plagiarized or borrowed content will be disqualified. The entry form asks for financial information to evaluate whether it is possible for the applicant to purchase a home by May 12, 2019. Finalists may be given the opportunity to purchase a home in one or more designated areas in the county as determined year to year by various closing cost sponsors. Finalists will be interviewed by an award committee consisting of representatives from the AHCMC, Montgomery County Department of Housing & Community Affairs (DHCA), Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery Co. (HOC), and PNC Bank. Finalists will be asked to provide additional financial information. All financial information supplied will be reviewed by the award committee members and staff involved in processing credit reports. No financial information will be made available to any other parties. Employees of DHCA, HOC or any of the sponsoring organizations are not eligible to apply. Prior year applicants who were not chosen may re-apply but must submit a new application and essay.

Applications not accepted will be destroyed by June 1, 2018.